Inheritance tax


It is often said that inheritance tax is a ‘voluntary tax’ and we are here to help ensure your beneficiaries do not make voluntary payments.

We will, after discussions with you, prepare a plan to suit your family’s needs and, if you are part of an owner-managed business, the business’s needs as well. Our suggestions will not only take into account the effects of inheritance tax, but also capital gains and corporation tax.

We can also advise you on the preparation of, or amendments to, your Will.

Trusts often become a part of inheritance and capital gains tax planning and our experienced trust department can both set up and supervise the administration of all categories of trusts.

Many of our clients these days own assets overseas. We will give full consideration to this and advise on the effect of those assets on your estate, both in the UK and the country in which it is held.

We are also committed to making you aware of the latest mitigation strategies that are suited to your personal circumstances, ensuring you have the opportunity to make substantial savings.

For more information about Nicklin Taxation Services and our inheritance tax services, please contact us.


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