Research and Development (R&D) relief – does your business qualify?

The key to running a successful business is to take advantage of any opportunities that are available to you and that includes finding ways to reduce the amount of tax that your company pays.

Since April 2012, SME companies have been able to claim tax reliefs of 225% of qualifying Research and Development expenditure, with no minimum R&D spend required. If your business is a limited company involved in a project which can prove an advance in one of the following fields, you could qualify for this relief:

  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Design
  • Food and drink
  • Software
  • Printing
  • Construction

Making a claim for Research and Development tax credits can be a complex process and many businesses just don’t have the time or resources available. That’s where Nicklin can help. We can work with you to submit a valid R&D claim so your business can benefit.

We have already helped many businesses successfully claim Research and Development tax credits, here are some examples:

“We are continually developing our products for obvious reasons,” explains a security company. “Nicklin has assisted us in keeping the relevant records for making R&D claims. During the past six years, its specialists have assisted us in claiming almost £3,000,000 of enhanced allowances, resulting in a tax saving of £750,000.”

“Over the past five years, the team at Nicklin has assisted us in claiming enhanced allowances of around £500,000,” says the owner of a computer software development company. “This has reduced our corporation tax liabilities by nearly £100,000 and made a significant difference to the business.”

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