Schools to be given more control over their budgets

From September, the accountability system for secondary schools will adopt a more transparent and efficient funding system which gives schools and colleges additional funding for the students who need it most.

It is hoped that the roll-out of the new funding system will reduce inequality amongst schools; giving them the support they need to continually improve performance.

By giving schools and colleges more autonomy they will be accountable for the level of education that they provide and will also have more control over their budgets and how they are spent.

School funding arrangements will be clearer and simpler as well as fairer. The plans were unveiled in an announcement by the Minister of State for Schools David Laws after a consultation on the matter and stipulated that:

  • School leaders are given more control over how they spend their budget
  • Transparent school and college funding arrangements are introduced
  • Budgets for schools and colleges must be set on time and be predictable
  • Details about the national funding formula are announced by Easter 2014
  • That funding always reaches the pupils who needs it most

Also included in the reforms, we can expect to see:

  • Clearer and tougher minimum requirements set for primary, secondary and further education
  • Reform of the national curriculum to ensure every pupil is given a broad and balanced education
  • Reform for post-16 study programmes to ensure all students follow a programme that meets their needs
  • Better inspections identifying schools and colleges in need of improvement so that measures can be put in place for improvement to happen
  • Governing bodies will be freed from unnecessary regulations
  • Easier access to data from the national pupil database (NPD) for parents and pupils wishing to monitor their school or college’s performance in comparison with others
  • The creation of a performance data portal, bringing together all information about schools and colleges onto a single accessible website by 2015
  • Continued publication of school and college performance tables each year

The changes are expected to have a measurable impact for both schools and pupils.

At Nicklin’s, our experience in working with schools and academies means that we can provide expert advice and guidance to schools dealing with managing their own budgets, ensuring they comply with legislative requirements to achieve transparency. For more information on the services we provide to schools and academies, please contact us.

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