Up to £12 million has been saved by schools by hitting exam deadlines

New research has shown that schools have saved more than £12 million in the past academic year by entering pupils on time for exams.

The study, conducted by industry publication Academies Week, showed that the volume of pupils entered late for their GCSEs or A-levels by schools was cut in half this year.

According to its findings, there were more than 1.2 million late entrants in 2012/2013, but this year the figure fell to just over 500,000 for GCSEs and to about 175,000 for A-Levels.

Last year, the cost of missing the administrative deadline was, on average, £10.78 for each GCSE unit. For A-levels, the per-unit cost averaged £33. These figures soon add up when each GCSE can add up to 6 units and each A-level is typically made up of four.

Based upon this researchers found that schools would have spent an estimated £22 million on late fees during the last academic year, but that this bill had been reduced to £12 million this year.

A spokesperson for OCR, one of three exam boards in the UK, said that this year’s results were “a tribute to exams officers, most of whom are not teachers, who have helped to make their centres more efficient and thereby saved them money.”

“The narrowing of exam sessions this year may have helped and the move to a single exam session in the future will do more. As teachers get used to the new timetable, they are also likely to improve their timelines,” they added.

All three exam boards said extra costs were incurred in late entries given the need for extra print runs, training additional examiners, and despatching.

Each of the exam boards has increased the fees slightly for this academic year, with it now costing on average £12.58 for a GCSE unit and £36.44 for an A-level.

While this is excellent news for academies there is still a lot more that could be done to save money.

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