How can tourism businesses achieve Net Zero?

As the UK experiences unprecedented high temperatures, your tourism business may well be benefiting from increased sales. However, whilst ice creams are flying off the shelves a much bigger dilemma is presented…

How can your business stop climate change?

Whilst the Government has outlined its plan to be Net Zero by 2050, your business should have a plan in place to lower its carbon footprint.

Especially as the Government recently released its ‘Jet Zero’ plan, which aims to make the aviation sector Net Zero by 2050, local tourism businesses must be able to demonstrate how they contribute to this goal.

So, how can your business go green?

Invest in renewable technology

Whilst it can be an expensive investment, opting to invest in renewable energy sources will no doubt pay off in the long run.

If your business offers accommodation, one big change that you could make is to switch to solar-powered energy sources.

When considering the cost associated with this, it is useful to know that expenses on energy-saving technologies are eligible for enhanced capital allowances, so you can deduct the full cost associated with this move from your profits before calculating tax.

Additionally, when considering switching to renewable resources, the long-term cost benefits should be factored into your business plan.

Rather than being subject to volatile energy prices, switching to this will lower your running costs, alongside your business’s carbon footprint.

Source local produce

Not only does using locally sourced produce lower the harmful emissions of importing food and drink, but it also demonstrates to your customers that you care for your local community.

By supporting your local economy, you will be able to offer fresher and high-quality ingredients to guests, which may warrant a price increase.

It can also give you greater control over your supply chain as your business will be less susceptible to external market fluctuations.

To ensure your business meets the Net Zero target, you will need to have a thorough business plan in place for how you will afford these changes.

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