Charity commission chairman calls for more funding

The chairman of the Charity Commission William Shawcross, says the Commission needs adequate funding and stronger legal powers if it is to meet Parliament’s expectations.

His comments come as the Commission issues its formal response to a critical Public Accounts Committee report.

In its response, the Commission says the regulator has already implemented many of the recommendations in the report.

The Commission also notes that it has responded both to severe funding reductions and to Parliament’s expectation that the charity regulator perform a wide range of functions.

Mr Shawcross said: “I fully accept that the Commission must strengthen its approach to tackling the most serious cases of abuse and mismanagement in charities.

"And indeed we have made significant improvements in this area already. But Parliament has granted us a broad regulatory remit.

"If we are to fulfil all the expectations placed on us while at the same time increasing our serious case work, we must be adequately funded. Our current funding position is simply unsustainable. ”

Mr Shawcross also highlighted that the regulator needs stronger legal powers in order to prevent and tackle abuse and mismanagement: “We have long argued that our powers are inadequate.

"It is absurd, for example, that the Commission has no general power to disqualify individuals who have demonstrated that they are unsuitable to serve as charity trustees.

"Earlier this year, the Cabinet Office consulted on proposals to strengthen our powers, which we fully supported. I urge the Government to deliver on those proposals. I have written to the Prime Minister asking him to find time to include the extension of our powers in the legislative programme of the next Parliament.”

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