Contactless payments could revolutionise fundraising

“Sorry, I don’t have any change” will no longer count as an excuse for not giving to charity – with the arrival of the contactless charity bucket.

The devices are being developed by the UK Cards Association in conjunction with major charities including Cancer Research UK, The Daily Telegraph has reported.

It means that those who wish to donate to charities can now pay by waving a credit card over the tin instead of frantically searching for loose change. The first of such tins are set to appear on high streets and other public places later his year.

And research last year showed there is a “massive future” for charity donations using this technology.

According to a 100-day survey by the Charities Aid Foundation, in conjunction with Save the Children and Visa Europe, as many as 30 per cent of people were likely to donate using contactless payment if given the option.

The survey revealed that a significant proportion of donors were willing to tap a contactless terminal to give a fixed amount of money in two locations at a London-based Costa coffee shop and underground station.

Now that idea is to be extended across the UK. The plan for cashless charity donations was developed amid fears that giving to good causes will suffer as people carry less cash than in the past with the rise of touch and go credit and debit cards.

“It’s quickly becoming embedded in people’s minds that you can tap your card to pay in shops,” a spokesman for the UK Cards Association said.

“But there are still areas where people are expected to use cash, such as charities collection tins.

“The idea is that if someone has no coins on them, only cards, they will still be able to donate.

“The same system could be used in museums, where you could tap your card or phone instead of dropping coins or notes into a donations box.”

Overall more than one in 10 payments are now made using a contactless card, up from under 4 per cent just a year ago.

The plans have emerged at the same time it was disclosed that train companies want to introduce a paperless ticketing system.

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