Social media a winning formula for charities

Social media has had a huge impact on how people share information and continues to be a charity’s dream.

In fact 2014 was the year viral campaigns really stepped up – often being unplanned but enormous in success.

The top three most memorable raised more than £73 million for good causes alone, and all through the power of Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Here are three of the most popular online campaigns of 2014:

1. No Makeup Selfie

You know #nomakeupselfie already. Take a picture of yourself without makeup (or for men, with makeup), donate to Cancer Research UK among others, nominate three friends to do the same.

The campaign raised a staggering £8 million in just six days, and lasted even longer… It was brilliant for having shareability to increase free reach, text donations and, for many, confidence building incorporated into the activity from the start.

2. Ice Bucket Challenge

For a while, you couldn’t move for videos of friends and celebrities dumping buckets of ice cold water over their heads for the ALS Association in the US.

Like No Makeup Selfie, the activity was (relatively) simple, also had a nomination element and had a weird, suffering-based activity many would gladly pay to see their friends go through.

Although started by the ALS Association, Ice Bucket Challenged raised more than £65 million ($100 million) for hundreds of charities across the globe.

3. Bedless

London’s free homeless shelter, Shelter from the Storm, started the #Bedless hashtag in 2014. Tweeters were encouraged to sleep in an unusual place and take a selfie with the hashtag, then make a £10 donation on JustGiving, which is enough to support a guest in the shelter for a night.

#Bedless was a campaign that had a serious awareness message about the extent of homelessness. It raised a comparatively modest £2,500 – but a very respectable total for the size of charity.

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