The gift of clarity

Charity Tax Group (CTG) has made a series of recommendations to simplify the Gift Aid donations process.

It follows acceptance by HMRC that complex rules surrounding donor benefits could dissuade some charities from reclaiming on tax.

CTG’s response has taken into account feedback from consultation exercises with parties including HMRC itself and charities.

John Hemming, CTG chairman, said: “CTG welcomes the Government’s recognition of ‘the important role that the charities sector plays in our society’ and the financial support that it gives in the form of tax reliefs.

“Like the Government, CTG is keen to ensure that the Gift Aid donor benefit rules are easy to administer and are fully utilised and we have made a series of recommendations to help realise this goal.”

Among the suggestions was that the government continues to engage with the sector before any proposals are progressed to formal consultation. CTG also asked for a review of donor benefits guidance while encouraging the involvement of charities in the process.

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