Mark Howell


Position within firm – Managing Director

What do you do?

I help business owners achieve their dreams.

The traditional role of Accountants has always been to “keep the score” by looking at historical financial performance and giving limited comments on what was achieved. I see my role as advising clients on how to maximise both business and personal wealth through proactive, straight talking advice.

I am passionate about helping business owners make and, just as importantly, keep the rewards that they deserve. This includes not giving, unnecessarily, to the “tax man” through tax and estate planning.

What do you enjoy most about your job/ what motivates you to get up in the morning?

I enjoy engaging with all my clients and becoming their trusted advisor in any financial decisions they make. It gives me great pleasure to see a business grow to its full potential and know that I have played some part. With such a varied client base, every day presents a new opportunity to help clients. I never know when a client might ring asking for advice and to hear them end that call with “thank you”, makes me know that I have helped that person with their business or personal challenge.

As HR Partner, I have the pleasure in working with talented and motivated staff within our own business here at Nicklin. Helping create a nourishing environment in which staff can develop and grow, especially those new to the profession, is extremely rewarding.

What projects do you work on?

I am currently involved in marketing activities to attract new clients to our firm. Reaching out to owner managed business that are looking for proactive business advisors and accountants is a very rewarding project.

Following changes to pension rules, I am currently working with our trusted IFA business partners in advising clients on the benefits of pensions. But this is just the start of the conversation; advising on Estate and Tax planning, including Will writing, is a key project to help not only maximise our clients current wealth but to protect it in the future.

What is on top of your bucket list?

From a child I have always wanted to be a pilot and hope one day to learn how to fly. Having the freedom of the sky and being able to visit places when you want to is a great ambition. Learning how to overcome my fear of heights might be my first challenge to achieving this!

As a more down to earth ambition, I am keen to complete the Southwest costal walk- all 600 miles! I love walking and on my current achievements have seen spectacular scenery that the south coast has to offer.