Acquisitions, mergers and disposals

You may acquire a number of businesses over time, but you usually only sell once –therefore you cannot afford to get it wrong.

At Nicklin LLP, we have a wealth of experience in advising on acquisitions, mergers and the sale of businesses.

We will work closely with your lawyers or can recommend people who we have dealt with in the past. We will advise on the most tax-efficient ways of completing the deal, mitigate the legal costs, minimise the disruption to your business and improve the chances of satisfying the purchaser’s accountants.

Nicklin LLP will also ensure you are kept fully informed of progress to make your transition from business owner to business seller as painless and straightforward as you would wish.

Similarly during an acquisition we can advise you on the options relating to structuring the acquisition and can assist you in carrying out financial due diligence to identify any issues within the target business in advance of finalising the deal.

For more information about Nicklin LLP and our services for acquisitions, mergers and disposals, please contact us.