Property tax advice and planning

Buying, selling, occupying or developing property?  If so, a Nicklin property tax expert could help you minimize your tax liabilities.

Property tax is a complex and constantly changing subject. It doesn’t help that the law is often obscure on tax issues either. With property ownership widespread in the UK, tax issues can have a significant impact for many individuals as well as something that impacts the many businesses related to the property industry.

This means that effective tax planning is a serious challenge for anybody investing in property or companies developing or managing properties. We’ve recognised the complexities of this area and have an in-house dedicated property tax team to help and guide clients with property tax issues.

If property is your business or an investment or your property business requires expansion, consolidation or re-organisation, our team can advise on:

  • Capital allowances, for instance, during refurbishment and development
  • Property ownership structure advice
  • Revenue tax relief and tax efficient funding
  • Land remediation tax relief
  • Stamp duty tax relief
  • Property inheritance tax planning advice and capital gains
  • Maximising recoverable VAT
  • Property tax related negotiations with HMRC
  • Non domicile property tax issues

We can advise on:

Residential Property Letting Tax Guide

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Property Investors Tax Guide

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