Compatibility and reliability are factors that shouldn’t be underestimated in any relationship, especially the one between a business and its accountancy firm. These are just two of the qualities that have inspired recruitment services provider Futura Design to stay loyal to Nicklin.

The working relationship began 18 years ago, when Nicklin was recommended to Futura Design’s managing director David Abel by a friend who already used them. Since then, the accountancy has taken care of the company’s accounts, assisted with cashfl ows and forecasts, and provided support through negotiations with the bank.

“I had a few problems with the bank,” explains Mr Abel. “Nicklin attended the meetings and supported me through them. It was a big help to have somebody like that in the meeting, to have a professional talking with another professional.

“They have always supported me and the company. If I have had any problems with the business, Nicklin have always been there, and on a personal basis too.”

Mr Abel feels that the accountancy is always available when he needs them, and is quick to respond to anything he asks. If he leaves a message, they always come back to him.

“One of the things I really like,” he says, “is that if I ring up with a problem, Nicklin react straightaway, not tomorrow. That is one of their strengths to me – I want them to react straight away and they always do.

“They are expert and professional in what they do. I have always found Nicklin very good and they have always treated me as if they were part of my business.”

As a result of the “personal service” provided and the fact that Nicklin are “always contactable”, Mr Abel would have no hesitation in endorsing the accountants, and has already recommended them to friends, colleagues and anyone who has asked him about accountancy s.

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