Very comfortable to work with

Wet wipe manufacturer Rockline Industries Limited is the UK subsidiary of a US parent. As a family company, albeit a very big one, it values long-term relationships and continuity.

According to Simon Fenton-Neale, Rockline’s UK general manager, this is exactly what it enjoys with Nicklin. When Rockline started in 1997, both it and Nicklin were small firms and they have grown together.

The accountancy firm provides audit and tax services – delivering localised reporting and dealing with the US auditors – as well as general advice when required. With Rockline’s annual audit, the US parent company has strict deadlines, which Nicklin has always responded to.

Nicklin also supported the manufacturing firm in obtaining regional grant funding from Advantage West Midlands. They assisted with the original business plan and substantiated Rockline’s progress against the targets provided.

“We enjoy a very open working relationship,” says Mr Fenton-Neale. “Nicklin has improved and grown in the same way we have. There is not the formality you have when two companies are out of step with each other.

“The personal service has not been lost, we’ve always felt very comfortable working with them and sharing information. When Nicklin has brought in additional resources and increased their depth of knowledge, they’ve been introduced to us, so the continuity is there. The transition of staff has been expertly managed.”

Mr Fenton-Neale has already recommended Nicklin and would recommend them again to businesses that are internationally-based, as the accountancy firm has never had an issue with the US.

“Manufacturing is a difficult industry to work with, and we have never had a problem with Nicklin. I would recommend them to small and medium enterprises that would benefi t from the personal relationship and depth of expertise Nicklin provides.”

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